• Challenges for Turkish steel Jun 01, 2018

    With its prominent role as a ferrous scrap importing country and as an important player in global steel markets, Turkey has wrestled with several challenges this year. Serife Durmus and Cem Türken review the developments affecting the country’s steel industry

  • Digital technologies increase momentum Jun 01, 2018

    Step-by-step, steel producers are embracing the concepts and technologies encompassed by Industry 4.0. Myra Pinkham reviews progress

  • Heavy equipment is poised for recovery Jun 01, 2018

    While rising mineral demand is filling the order books for heavy equipment suppliers, higher steel prices are less encouraging news for yellow goods manufacturers, reports Gregory DL Morris

  • High-performance alloy markets gather speed Jun 01, 2018

    Light metals alloys are often at the leading edge of high-performance metals development. Jethro Wookey considers the risks, rewards and advances in these state-of-the art materials

  • Iron ore pricing explained Jun 01, 2018

    Multiple factors have a bearing on the price of iron ore. Metal Bulletin index manager Peter Hannah and price development manager Jon Mulcahy explain how price indicators, indices and differentials provide transparency and opportunities for risk management

  • NMDC responds to growing steelmakers’ captive supplies Jun 01, 2018

    Why should NMDC, which is India’s largest producer of iron ore, say in its mission statement that as it grows its mining capacity it should also emerge as “a quality” producer of steel?

  • Robots on the rise Jun 01, 2018

    The use of robots has become ever more widespread. Nat Rudarakanchana visits Steel of West Virginia to see that mill’s robots in action and notes their spread in other areas of steel business too

  • Tangible progress Jun 01, 2018

    While admitting that they are still in early stages, some steel mills – both new and long-established companies – have started to incorporate Industry 4.0 concepts into their operations.

  • Top steelmakers 2018 edition Jun 01, 2018

    As global steelmaking capacity continues to outpace demand, trade protection measures and their consequences for the international flow of steel products are foremost in the minds of many steel producers. Alongside Metal Bulletin’s annual ranking of steelmakers by output, correspondents around the world review developments in their regional steel sectors

  • Tough times for India’s iron ore miners Jun 01, 2018

    Central government policies, environmental considerations and the influence of India's steelmakers are just three of the key factors impinging on the nation's iron ore industry. Kunal Bose outlines its dynamics and outlook